Live Life on Your Terms

Because only you can decide what’s truly best for you.

Are you ready to live a life that’s more authentic to you? Do you want all the benefits that come with that kind of self awareness?

You’re in  the right place.

I can’t tell you how often I hear from someone that they feel stuck and they don’t understand their purpose in life. They tell me that they can’t find their voice and they’re struggling to find happiness anywhere in their lives.

Can you relate?

If so, Live Life on Your Terms is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. I will help you go from feeling lost to fully directing your life to get what you really want. 

I can do this because I’ve been where you are. At the lowest point in my life, I’d lost all sense of who I was because I was adapting myself to make other people more comfortable. By doing that over and over again, I gave little pieces of myself away until there was nothing left to give. I was broken. 

It took years to figure myself out and to become the confident and strong person I am now. I use the greatest lessons I learned in my darkest place, along with decades of study into psychology, neuroscience and human behaviour, to bring you a mastermind that will get you on track to start living a life because you have the framework you need to get clear on YOU and what you really want. 

“Andrea has been an integral part of my journey to healing, self discovery and empowerment.” – Emily

“Sometimes it’s hard to find someone who can really help you sort through your personal and professional “head trash” and I can honestly say there’s few that have helped me do it with such grace. ” – Lisa

Over the 12 weeks, you will participate in 6 group training & discussion sessions, PLUS you 4 get private one on one sessions with me, personally. By the end you’ll have:

 Your individualized blueprint for happiness in each area of your life.

 A clear sense of purpose.

 Your framework for what you personally need to do to succeed.

 A black and white decision making system you can use any time.

 Strategies to get past limiting beliefs.

“Andrea sets up steps moving forward, so that you are accountable and, provided you do the work, each step she suggests takes you up the ladder to success.” – Rick

“She has helped me set my goals, understand my strengths and create an action plan that produces results.” – Jayshri

Module 1: Living life with a purpose is one of the keys to happiness. Making progress toward a purpose or a goal is what’s makes us feel good. The meaning behind that is different for each one of us. That gets expressed in our emotions and our values. Understanding both gives you powerful insight into your drivers and how you can start living life on your terms. 

Module 2: It’s really hard to move toward a vague goal, yet most of us have only a generalized idea of what we want in each area of our lives. This module gets you crystal clear on every area of your life, so you can become more fulfilled in all that life has to offer. 

Module 3: Stress happens when our needs aren’t met. Each one of us has a specific blueprint for the way life should be. When it’s not met we’re unhappy, and yet very few of us know exactly why we are unhappy and what to do about it. This module helps you understand your personal blueprints for happiness.  

Module 4: The biggest thing standing between you and what you want is what’s going on inside your head. The stories you tell yourself will make or break your success, that’s why we work together to clear out the old BS (belief system) that’s holding you back and the stories that go with it, and we build up the empowering ones you need to live life on your terms.

Module 5: Once you know what you want and you feel empowered to get there, it’s time to decide what you are going to accept in your life and what you won’t. Your non-negotiable standards are a powerful driving force. They create the structure for the terms in your life.

Module 6: In our final session, you pick one area of your life where you want to make a change and we develop your personalized strategy to get what you want. 


I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you. 

What would it be like waking up each morning excited because you have a sense of purpose?

To achieve happiness with ease?

To no longer struggle with acute stress, wondering of there’s more to life than this?

Are you ready to start making your happiness an non-negotiable in your life?

We get started on May 16th, 2019!

I invite you to book a FREE discovery call and explore what it will be like to work together! 

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