You wake up and your head is already churning. The tidal wave of overwhelm hits, and the gut-clenching stress kicks in before your foot even hits the floor. And so starts the day that’s:

😕 Exactly the same as yesterday

😕 Plagued by overwhelm

😕 Filled with second guessing

😕 Dogged with frustration

😕 Completely lackluster

😕 Driven by everyone else’s needs

The niggling question that’s always at the back of your mind is, “Isn’t there more to life than this?”

I completely understand where you are. I’ve been there, and it sucks. A lot.

It’s overwhelming, confusing and frustrating to know you can be more, and you want be more, but you don’t know where to start.

The starting place is here. Are you ready to:


😕 Stop asking why me and become the person you most want to be?

😕 Feel excited about your life?

😕 Get surprising insights about yourself?

😕 Have a clear path to follow?

😕 Get clarity on your purpose?

You have a gift the world needs, let’s open it together and transform your life by discovering your path to personal power and happiness.

Don’t go back to living a life that’s less than it should be. All it takes is a little courage and confidence to live the life you really want, and deserve. I can give that to you.

You’re tired of living a mediocre kind of life and you’re ready to dedicate yourself to change.
You have a spouse with mental health problems and you need help to find personal balance.


Get the direction, inspiration and clarity you need to start living a life you love.

How to Regain Your Power and Take Control of Your Life Again

If you’re feeling limited or stuck somewhere in your life right now, it’s because you’re giving your power away. Somewhere.

A bold statement, and yet a very true one.

To illustrate, let me tell you about a client of mine who’d had a car accident and months later was still struggling with a lot of anger toward the woman who’d hit her. She was stuck in an emotional loop that she couldn’t get past.

Why Your Husband Sucks at Communicating (And Your Wife Annoys the Crap Out of You)

I remember having a conversation with my husband where I used the word ultimately, and it triggered an argument. I can’t remember exactly what we were discussing over the phone, but I clearly remember the complete silence on the other end of the line when that word came out.

Me: “You’re quiet. What’s wrong?”

Him: “Well you said ultimately, so what’s the point of talking further about it? You’ve decided.”

Now for the guys reading this, you’re probably giving him an, “Amen, brother!”

The Power of One

If you don’t believe that one being is powerful, then you’ve never tried to sleep in a tent with a single mosquito.

I’ve personally experienced that unique kind of power. It’s impressive. Not to mention powerfully annoying when you hear that disproportionately loud whining eeeeeee sound at 3am, and you can’t locate that little bugger in the darkness.