“Some people are busy, and some people are busy in their heads.”

That was something one of my greatest managers ever said to me, and it stuck.

I had been called into to help with a project that was far behind schedule. When I got going on it, I couldn’t understand why it had taken the woman who had been heading up the project three months to do the same amount of work I had accomplished in a couple of weeks.

It wasn’t like I was being a super keener either. It really was a very straightforward research task.

Some people are busy and some people are busy in their heads. It’s an excellent point really.

Sometimes we fabricate that kind of reality for ourselves. I know there’s been times when I’ve scheduled myself in back to back meetings for days on end, or have been running from task to task to task, and the result was feeling exhausted from the urgency I’d created for no good reason.

That kind of activity can make you think you’re getting somewhere, like you’re making progress, and yet the opposite is true.

It’s a reactive state to be in, rather than proactive.

So, how do you get out of it when you’re in it?

First of all, take a breath. And then take step back.

Consider your goals. Do you even have one?

Sometimes you get so busy that you don’t even realize that you’re not moving toward something specific. Having a clear cut goal gives you a black and white to measure. Are you moving toward it or not? Did you reach a milestone or miss it?

What can you delegate? I remember a retail manager saying to me once that she didn’t delegate tasks because she was afraid that she might not be necessary if she did. Very limited thinking for someone who’s main goal was to move up the ranks.

It’s really no different in your personal life either. If you never delegate, and never let go of anything you can’t really add in anything new. Where would you fit it in? And of you can’t add anything new then you really can’t grow to become the person you want to be.

Be truthful with yourself. No one lies to yourself better than you!

Sometimes it’s easy to make excuses or outright lie to yourself about what you’re doing and why. I know there are times that I keep myself busy to avoid something else. I bet you do too.

Denial can be so much easier than facing the reality, but staying there isn’t going to help you life the life you really want. If you’re avoiding something, dig into it. Figure out why. Chances are it’s something you have to deal with in order to get where you really want to go.

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Photo by energepic.com from Pexels