Hi! I’m Andrea, 

Eternal optimist, self-professed brain geek, human potentialist and unwaveringly dedicated to helping you step into your power.

Why me?

That’s a question I certainly asked a lot during the lowest point in my life. That’s when I felt like a marionette going through life dancing to the whims of everyone else. Pulled in every direction and getting nowhere.

It became so bad that I felt like there was just a gaping hole where I used to be. I was just a shell, a husk, a label on a can that was empty. Know what I mean?

I was a mother, wife, sister, manager, friend – but not me. Not the real me. That person somehow got left behind somewhere along the way.

I was so lost I didn’t know which way was up. I desperately wanted someone, anyone, to show me that path that lead out of that dark place.

There wasn’t anyone for me then, which is why I want to become that person for you now.

You shouldn’t have to struggle to feel some little scrap of joy in your life. Not when there is a way to a clear path to get to happy.

So, why me? Why work with me?

Because I learned exactly what takes to find my personal power and finally get to happy. And I can show you how to do it too.

How do I know it works?

Because even after my life did a complete 180, I’m still the best me I have ever been. Happy, balanced and still joyful through some unimaginably difficult times.

My husband had a transient ischemic attack (stroke-like symptoms with no brain damage) and pretty much overnight he developed mental health issues that include severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, and dependant personality disorder.

Leaving the house was incredibly difficult. Even just putting the garbage out caused panic attacks. We couldn’t have people in, including our children’s friends, because it was far too stressful, and he would end up hiding out in our room until everyone left.

He started scratching and cutting to deal with the overwhelming emotion. And as if that weren’t enough, he became suicidal, often getting horrific visions from his brain of all the ways he could kill himself. When he didn’t, his brain would whisper that he was a coward for not doing it.

Like I said, unimaginably difficult times. (Still on-going difficult times.)

Realistically, that should have been something that put me back into a dark place, but it didn’t (and still hasn’t), because I knew what I needed to do to stay at an even keel. And I knew it was more important that ever to make sure I was doing the things that made me feel good.

Even my three teenagers agree that I am calmer and more joyful than I have ever been, and you know that’s no mean feat!

You can have that too.