I remember my oldest son saying to me that he really didn’t believe in all that mumbo jumbo about your thoughts creating your reality.

I am quite happy to say that at that moment I realized that this was not going to be the time to talk to him about it, so I let it drop. Given what I do, it was no mean feat. But, no point in trying to push water uphill, right?

His comment did make me think more about it though. How do you explain to someone that their inner reality really does create their outer reality?

Those mornings when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Come to mind.

Those days when I know from the get-go that I’m not in a good head space. The kind of morning when I drop the toast on the floor – butter side down, naturally. Traffic is backed up. I get EVERY red light. And what is with those idiots that can seem to merge?! I am frustrated beyond belief before I reach my destination.

Know what I mean?

Then I think about the mornings when I wake up and know I have the world by the tail. I drop my toast on the floor – butter side down. Thank goodness it wasn’t the last two slices of bread.

Traffic is backed up. Look at that beautiful bird flying by. And the clouds in the sky are so beautiful today!

I get every red light (I am the red light queen). Ah! The universe is reminding me about patience. Look! A green light! Thank you, universe!

Dude! That was a little close on the merge. I guess he’s in a hurry this morning. Glad I left with enough time to spare.

I get to the office and it’s a great day.

Know what I mean?

Whatever we look for, we find.

I think about the stories of Mother Teresa walking through the streets of Calcutta, where there was death, dirt, feces and garbage everywhere, and she would find a flower growing in the middle of it and marvel at the beauty. If she can do it, why can’t we? We aren’t really that different.

Alright, there was the whole canonization deal, but you get what I mean. She was human too.

Guaranteed whatever is going on in your head, is showing up in your life. Negatively or positively.

I know eventually, I will be able to explain that to my son and he will be happier for it.